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Common Case Issues 

As motorcyclists we know that there is the possibility of having an accident, this is an unfortunate price we have to pay to ride; but it is often the biker that is blamed, unfairly treated, and jeopardized. The result of this treatment is more often than not, inadequate compensation. Our mission is to change that!

We are here to help you obtain the respect, treatment, and compensation that you deserve. No matter how minor or major the accident is, be sure to contact us for a free consultation regarding the compensation you are entitled to.

Common Scenarios that affect a motorcyclist’s right to justice include:


Denial of Coverage

Insurance companies will often point the finger at the motorcyclist and argue that it was the fault of the biker that resulted in the injuries. This is often the first tactic to try and avoid payment under the insurance policy.


Additionally, the insurance companies will try to show that the injuries sustained are not as bad as they really are, this tactic is an attempt to minimize their costs for medical payments. Insurance companies will often try and delay payments and stall benefits as an attempt to frustrate you to the point of giving up your pursuit, or conversely, they will try and settle extremely quickly and undervalue your settlement to avoid the true nature of the compensation owed.

The Moto Lawyer will fight tirelessly against the tactics of the insurance companies so that you get the most benefits possible.

Lack of Merit

Attorneys who are NOT specialized in handling motorcycle claims will frequently tell a biker that there is no remedy for their situation. That’s not us!!! Even if you don’t believe you have a case, it’s best to consult with us prior to giving up or settling. We explore every avenue in-order to obtain the true compensation that is owed to you.


Poorly Written Crash Report

Crash Reports very frequently have incorrect information written within them.  There are a variety of reasons for this, the chaos of the scene, the story told by different people, the inattentiveness of the reporting officer, etc. Most of the time these are clerical errors that are not a detriment to your case.  Our team sees errors in these reports on a daily basis and is well experienced in handling misinformation. 

Determined You Were At Fault

Even if the police report, other drivers, and witnesses point the finger at you as the party to blame for the accident, please consult with us!!


No matter how damaging the scenario, you may still be eligible for recovery. If there is even the slightest chance you are not 100% to blame for the accident, this may entitle you to recovery. Let us help.

Hit and Run_edited.jpg


What should you do if you are involved in a hit-and-run? 

Follow these steps:  


1.  TAKE NOTE of any and all information that you can about the vehicle that hit you.  Including the make, model, license plate number, a description of the driver's appearance, and the part of the vehicle you were hit by (front, side, etc.).


2. CALL THE POLICE.  Be sure to file a Crash/Incident Report with the local Police Department in the area of the accident. 


3. ASK WITNESSES of the accident for their contact information and for them to describe both what they saw and what they can remember about the other vehicle. 


4. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION immediately. 



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